Bishop Matthew Students were part of the official launching and opening of the Liberia Diamond Challenge 2022 Innovation / Work Lab in Paynesville by Yoner Libera.

School Information Sheet

Admission Policies and Requirements

  1. Pass entrance with the average of 70 in both English and Math.
  2. Pass interview conducted by the Interview Team.
  3. Submit two passport size photos.
  4. Complete application from.
  5. Submit letter of Recommendation and transcript from last school.
  6. A letter of recommendation from church/community leader.
  7. Submit photocopy of report card
  8. Sign a behavior bond

Promotion Policy

  1. Student maintaining a periodic average of 90% and above for the first semester, in the elementary and junior high divisions of the school will be promoted.
  2. Students who fails one subject at the end of the year will go to vocational school to clear his or her deficiency before he/she can be promoted.
  3. Any student failing two subjects will not be promoted.

Enrichment Program/Vacation School

Vocation school runs for the period of eighteen (18) Instructional Days

Rules and Regulations

The School has rules and regulations that govern both students and staffs, parents. some include: Dress Code, Uniform ( School & PE), Classroom Conduct, School Campus Conduct, Moral Conduct, Academic Crime, Indiscipline, Property Protection, ID Card and Badge, Unrelated Uniform Materials, Student politics, Money Collection, Steeling, Pregnancy, Jokes, Argument, Information to Parents/Guardians, Insult/Assault, Fighting, Teachers Lounge, Senior Role, Sensational Dressing, Communication Set, Weapon, Electronic Device, Drug,  etc. …

The above rules are explained in details in the school’s handbook. The school help parents or Guardians in bringing up their child/children apart from the academic.

Visit the school campus today and acquire more details information.

For more information please refer to the Student Hand Book

Teaching Departments

Science Department

  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. General Science
  5. Health Science

Language Arts Department

  1. English          7. Reading
  2. Literature       8. Writing
  3. Phonics          9. Spelling
  4. English Grammar
  5. English Composition
  6. French

Social Science Department

  1. History
  2. Geography
  3. Economics
  4. Civics
  5. Social Science

Sports Department

  1. Quizzing          4. Football
  2. Kickball       5. Physical Edu.
  3. Basketball          6. Volleyball

Religious Educ. Department

  1. Bible

Mathematics Department

  1. Mathematics     3. Trigonometry
  2. Arithmetic        4. Algebra


  1. Computer Science
  2. Accounting